English Teacher


Location : Shenzhen China
School type: Language Training Centers
Employer info.: Chains with school branches in various locations in Shenzhen and all over China.

Job Description:

•Students age:3-12 years old •Class size: 8-10 kids
•Teaching materials: provided by school
•Workload: 35h per week including office hours
Teaching hours: 13-20 classes(45min per class)
Weekdays: 3-9pm, Weekends: 9-6pm
You will have two days off during the week


•Monthly Salary:15-22K Yuan(2500-3500 USD)
•Legal working visa
•Medical insurance
•Annual physical check-up
•Annual Holidays
•Demo Bonus
•Free Chinese Lessons
•Free single apartment for first three months


1.Native English speakers from US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Jaimaca, Trinidad&Tobago etc.
2.Minimum of Bachelor degree
3.Eligible for work visa
4.Full time one year contract